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Your kids’ favorite pediatric dentist is right around the Greater Houston corner in the The Woodlands/Conroe area. At Signature Smiles, we understand the importance of providing the best possible pediatric dental care for children. Children who visit their pediatric dentist for the first time, or anytime for that matter, are often hesitant or nervous, and it is for this reason that we have gone above and beyond the typical pediatric dental office to ensure your kids actually look forward to visiting the dentist. We have built a custom-designed dental facility with the primary purpose of becoming not just your kid’s dentist, but your family’s dentist.

Our dental office boasts an entertainment room for kids with movies and video games, and a very inviting and comfortable sitting area for adults. For all of our patients, kids and adults alike, we have installed TVs above each dental chair so that each patient can focus on something other than their dental procedure. Our guests can choose whatever they want to watch, like cartoons, ESPN, and even movies. At the end of each child’s first visit to our dental office, they can pick a toy from our treasure chest to take home. Signature Smiles is all about creating a pleasant, relaxing, and very family-friendly atmosphere.

To help promote this family atmosphere, we encourage every parent to join their child during the dental procedure. We understand the nature of children and how having a parent closeby helps them relax and feel safe.

Equipped with Kids in Mind

Signature Smiles was designed with pediatric dentistry at the forefront of our minds. Our pediatric dentists and dental staff understand how important it is for children to have positive experiences at the dentist office. We know that if they have positive and fun experiences while they are young, then they are more likely to continue visiting their dentist and maintaining pristine oral health for the rest of their lives.

More often than not, children aren’t exactly clamoring to visit anyone in the medical community, including dentists. For this reason, we provide sedation dentistry for kids who may be nervous or scared so that they can be relaxed and our dental staff can best perform the dental procedure. Our primary goal is to ensure that every patient, young and old, have a positive and enjoyable experience during their time at Signature Smiles.

When she leaves, she is smiling. She leaves here happy with tons of toys and goodies. She loves coming here. It means a lot to have a place that is comfortable for her.

Misty’s Parent

At Signature Smiles, we believe that every dental appointment should be a fun and memorable experience. We want every child to want to come to our dental office The Woodlands/Conroe area, which is why we’ve done all we can to ensure they have a good time. We have created a special room for kids of all ages where they can play video games or watch movies. This room is right next to the lobby so parents can always be close to their child throughout the entire appointment. In fact, we always ask the parent to accompany their child during the dental procedure so that the child will have a familiar face close to them.

Also during the procedure, every dental station has a TV above the dental chair so kids can watch their favorite program or movie, which keeps their minds occupied on something other than dentistry. After the dental procedure, kids are able to dig through our treasure of goodies and toys to find their favorite item and take it home with them. It is just a small token of our appreciation and a friendly way for kids to always remember us.

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