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Find Your Perfect Fit with Invisalign Braces

Straightening teeth with braces that are nearly unnoticeable? It sounds crazy, but it’s true. Invisalign braces have enabled Houston dental patients to achieve more beautiful and healthier smiles through these plastic tray aligners. Due to our large amount of Invisalign patients, Signature Smiles is a Premier Provider of Invisalign. We provide these braces for many of our orthodontic patients. Our dental office offers every type of braces available, including traditional metal braces and ceramic braces. We have found that many people prefer the clear plastic tray aligners of Invisalign because they are able to straighten their teeth without suddenly changing their facial appearance.


Our dentists conduct thorough oral examinations to conclude what type of braces are needed. Invisalign braces are not haphazardly given to patients just because it is their prefered choice. Our orthodontist, Dr. Gary Gardner, will evaluate the severity of the situation. If teeth are severely crooked, gapped or misaligned, such as a patient suffering from malocclusion, then other types of braces may be recommended. The reason for this is because traditional metal braces, known as 3M braces, are the strongest braces available. Metal braces ensure that the adjustment to teeth is done in a faster manner. Ceramic braces may also be used as a solution for bringing teeth into alignment at a quicker pace. What is a possibility is using metal or ceramic braces first, and once teeth are moved closer together or more in alignment, then replacing them with the plastic tray aligners of Invisalign. From there, a patient’s teeth can be straightened without having metal or ceramic braces on their teeth.


If you or your family members are interested in receiving braces, contact our dental office today and book your appointment. Invisalign or Invisalign Teen may be the perfect fit. Our dental staff and orthodontists are standing by to help you achieve that wonderful smile you’ve been hoping for.

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