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Does Your Teenager Need Braces?

Did you know that three quarters of the people wearing braces in America are teenagers and adolescents? This is how big of a deal having straight teeth is. But it isn’t only about possessing a beautiful smile. Braces can help keep teeth healthy by removing problematic gaps, as well as straighten out issues malocclusion, which is when the teeth are impacted.

At Signature Smiles, our general dentists and pediatric dentists conduct thorough examinations of patients’ teeth to see precisely what is needed regarding braces. For some, there are gaps in the teeth that need to be removed. Braces slowly move those teeth closer together in order to eliminate those gaps, which helps keep food particles out from between those teeth. Other patients have crooked or misaligned teeth that can enable food particles to become lodged in areas or hidden. When this happens, the chances of cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease increases.


Our office provides traditional metal braces (3M braces), clear braces (ceramic braces), and the plastic trays (Invisalign and Invisalign Teen). Our orthodontists will explain which type of braces will work best for a particular patient.

The reason for being very specific about using certain types of braces is because they are not all equal. For instance, if a patient is suffering malocclusion or severely misaligned teeth, our orthodontist would recommend traditional metal braces or clear braces, rather than using Invisalign. Metal and ceramic braces are much stronger and can adjust teeth quicker than the plastic tray braces.

Conversely, teenagers who don’t want to undergo a major change in their appearance and do not have extensive problems with their teeth would probably prefer Invisalign Teen over metal or ceramic braces.

Remember that the earlier you receive braces, the better. This is because teeth are move adjustable at a younger age. If you’re considering braces, then contact our dentist office and schedule your orthodontic appointment.

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