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Protect Your Kids’ Teeth Before the Halloween Candy

As we discussed in one of our most recent blog posts, our Signature Smiles dental office is raring and ready for this Halloween. With Halloween, however, comes lots of candy. Now our pediatric dentists aren’t ones to relegate on the candy. We know that Halloween is only a once-per-year celebration. What isn’t a once-per-year celebration is maintaining your teeth.

Kids need to be taking care of their teeth on a daily basis. This means brushing twice per day, flossing every day, and using kid-friendly mouthwash. Doing this ensures that eating an orange plastic jack-o-lantern looking pale full of candy won’t damage teeth.

If your child isn’t properly maintaining their teeth, then the massive increase in sugar intake can take a nasty toll. This Halloween make sure your kids’ teeth are ready for all the candy they can handle.


Before Halloween gets here, schedule your child’s dental cleaning appointment at our clinic. A dental cleaning allows our kids dentists and dental hygienists to evaluate a child’s teeth and clean them thoroughly.

During this dental cleaning, we are able to survey the mouth entirely and check to see if their are any dental caries. Dental caries are typically called cavities. These cavities take place when a child doesn’t brush their teeth properly or at all and allows for sugars to turn into plaque. This plaque build up begins to eat away at the enamel of the teeth, which is the teeth’s protective layer. When this layer is gone, cavities begin to form, which then have to be corrected with dental fillings.

Our pediatric dentists can quickly take care of these dental caries and have your child’s teeth ready for all kinds of Halloween goodies. So bring your child in soon before Oct. 31, so they can make Halloween everything it’s supposed to be: FUN.

Contact Signature Smiles today. Our kids dentists are looking forward to protecting your children’s teeth.

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