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How to Best Protect Your Child’s Teeth

Children grow so quickly. Their bodies, their brains, and their personalities. Another aspect that grows quickly is their teeth. Any parent knows the struggles of dealing with the teething phase. Those little teeth sprouting through the surface of the gums in order to create little chompers.

The first foods babies experience is milk, smashed peas, and whatever resides in those little glass Gerber containers. They are given healthy foods that nourish their little growing bodies, but soon they turn to the cravings of sugary foods, like candy, cereal, and ice cream. These sweets can lead to cavities. Baby cavities can cause pain, which can make it seem like their going back through the teething phase.

How to Protect Your Child’s Teeth

Baby front teeth can remain till a child is about six or seven, and the baby molars can stay in place till about 12 years old. Compared to adult teeth, these teeth are rather short term. But living with cavities and bad teeth for any period of time can seem like an eternity. Protecting your child’s teeth is incredibly important, not only for their comfort, but for their health.

The only way to protect your child’s teeth is to teach them to brush twice daily, but also understand why brushing is so crucial. Teaching them about plaque and cavities and how those two play off of each other is a valuable lesson they will remember into their adult years. Along with teaching them to brush their teeth, you should show them how to floss and rinse.

Many children love to drink sodas. If this is the case with your child, train them to always rinse out their mouth with water after finishing a soda. This way much of the sugars and syrup is washed away from their teeth and gums.

Bringing them to their pediatric dentist is vital as well, as they are able to eliminate any hard to remove plaque. A pediatric dentist can also find trouble spots within the teeth that may lead to cavities. Keeping those teeth strong and sturdy, despite their short life-span, is essential to keeping your child smiling.

Ensuring your child has clean and healthy teeth for the long-term starts while they are very young. Come to Signature Smiles and ensure your child is one the right path to great oral health.

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