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How Poor Dental Health Can Lead to Depression

A person’s smile can truly affect their self esteem. If a person has bad teeth, perhaps from malocclusion, tooth decay, or poor genetics, then this could really cause problems from a social standpoint.

According to a recent research study at the University of Gothenburg, severe dental anxiety, which can lead to depression and avoidance of society, often stems from a person’s dissatisfaction with their physical, primarily facial, appearance. This study covered 3,500 individuals. The study found that those with severe dental anxiety typically avoided dental care, but also suffered from poor oral health. These always go hand-in-hand.

At Signature Smiles, these problems can be avoided by correcting the various dental issues a patient may be facing. Due to massive tooth decay because of the lack of dental care or because some people are born with faulty teeth or gums, many people simply suffer from severe dental anxiety and for good reason. But for all of those problems, our Houston dentists can conduct a thorough examination of exactly what the source of the problem is. Some patients may simply need braces to correct overly crooked or gapped teeth, or dental implants to replace decayed or broken teeth. In extreme cases, our office can perform even the most difficult oral surgeries.

Oral problems can also affect children. We recommend having kids come to the dentist office early in life so that their oral health can be evaluated and they can continue on the proper path to a beautiful and healthy smile. Our pediatric dentists can correct problems with children’s teeth before they worsen and become expensive problems that require extensive surgery.

If you suffer from dental anxiety, then your time to be free of low self-esteem and to become happy is now. We want you to smile again like you’ve never done before and we can help with that. We can give you the beautiful and healthy smile you’ve always wanted. Contact us to schedule your appointment.

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