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Dr. Z Explains the Details of Dental Braces

If you are interested in receiving dental braces, then consider visiting the Signature Smiles team. Our dental office offers 3M metal braces, ceramic clear braces, and Invisalign and Invisalign Teen.

One of our most recent videos has been with Dr. Z, The Kid Dentist. She quickly explains the best points about all three kinds of braces. It’s been a great way to get the word out about all the options that patients have for braces.

As Houston dentists, we understand the importance of providing the best options for braces for all of our patients. We understand that they need them because each set of braces comes at a different price range. Each set of teeth is different from everyone else, which means one set of braces, like Invisalign, may work for one patient’s teeth but not for someone else.

Our orthodontists will make sure you receive the right set of braces. This is how we make certain that we do:


There’s no need to wait. If you are in need of braces, then come to our dental clinic. Although you probably won’t run into Dr. Z, The Kid Dentist, our orthodontists will definitely be here to give you the smile you’ve been wanting. Contact us today and schedule your appointment.

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