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How Braces Can Save Your Kid’s Smile

About 75 percent of Americans who wear braces are adolescents and teenagers. In other words, people like to have their teeth straightened early in life. At our dental clinic, we provide braces of every type. Signature Smiles provides this young group of patients with their choice of traditional metal braces (3M braces), ceramic braces (clear braces), and Invisalign Teen.


There are various reasons why dental patients should get their braces at an early age. Here are just a few:

Braces help kids and teens from dealing with harmful dental problems in the future. Most braces treatments take approximately 12 to 24 months to complete. Compared to their entire life, this timespan is extremely minimal.


Our orthodontists can take care of your kid’s braces in a quick and easy manner. After a thorough dental exam, the right braces will be chosen and agreed upon with your child. If your teenager needs braces, then contact us today and book your orthodontics appointment. We look forward to providing your kids with straight and healthy teeth.

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