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Have You Been Living on a Rodeo Diet?

Rodeo Houston has begun, which means there’s going to be a lot of unhealthy food consumed. With all the bronco riding, bull riding, clowns in barrels, and music performances, there is way more corn dogs, fried Snickers, turkey legs, and bags of kettle corns to match. These foods don’t present any harm to your oral health and your teeth since the rodeo only comes around once per year for a few weeks at a time.

The only problem these foods could present to oral health is if they are consumed consistently. Unfortunately, really unhealthy food has become a common diet for many Houstonians. If your diet has been rodeo food, then you should consider coming to Signature Smiles to have one of our dentists or dental hygienists check your oral health.


Highly processed foods, like corn dogs and candy, can cause issues to your teeth and gums. Processed foods can easily hide between teeth and create cavities and gum disease. This can happen with kids and adults, which is why Signature Smiles provides only the highest levels of pediatric dentistry and general dentistry.

When cavities take root in teeth, it can cause pain to the nerve endings in the teeth. If the cavity is not addressed quickly, it can reach deep into the tooth where the root is. This can lead to needing dental procedures like a root canal.

At Signature Smiles, our goal is to protect teeth and to ensure pristine oral health for our patients. This includes educating patients on how to best maintain their oral health. Teaching kids the importance of brushing and flossing and maintaining a non-rodeo diet is pivotal to helping them grow into healthy adults.


If you have cavities, then come to our office for great dental care. Feel free to eat the cotton candy and BBQ sandwiches, but make sure you stay on top of oral maintenance.

Schedule your dental appointment today to check to see how your oral health is performing.

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