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Protect Your Kid’s Health with Pediatric Dentistry

Children’s health should start on the right track early and maintain its path throughout. At Signature Smiles, we believe in providing only the best pediatric dentistry for all of our young patients. All of our pediatric dentists understand the importance of a child’s oral health. This is why we have worked so hard at our Greater Houston-area dental office to make the atmosphere as kid-friendly as possible.

Our pediatric dentists encourage all parents to make sure their child is taking care of their teeth. We also spend quality time educating kids on how to best take care of their teeth. Maintaining proper oral health should be perceived as simple and important. We provide basic instructions to kids on how to brush their teeth and floss.


It is difficult enough as it is for parents to get their kids into the dental chair. Aside from achieving great oral health, we’ve created numerous incentives for kids to come to Signature Smiles.

We’ve put together a video game and movie room in our office. This allows kids to take their mind off of being at the dentist. It also allows parents to have some time to fill out any remaining paperwork.

Each dental chair comes standard with its own TV screen so kids can watch any movies and or TV show they want. While kids are undergoing a particular dental procedure, they can relax watching their favorite show. After their procedure, each child gets to grab a gift from the treasure chest.

Our recent Dr. Z, The Kid Dentist, campaign has been created to make kids realize that our dental office really does focus on them.


If you have been looking for a great dental office in the Houston area to take your kids, then schedule your appointment at Signature Smiles. Our pediatric dentists and dental staff would love to take care of your kids oral health.

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