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Harvey Is Gone! Our Dental Office Is Open

It seems that there wasn’t any Houstonian who wasn’t affected in some way by Hurricane Harvey. The record-breaking storm sent more than 50 inches of rain causing just about every business, including ours, to shutter their doors for a few days. We are thankful that we are now able to be open for regular business hours. Our office is open and resuming dental services.


Now that the flood waters have receded and school is back in session, kids need to make sure their teeth are clean and ready for the day. With the hustle and bustle of the new year, kids can often forget to brush their teeth in the morning, which leaves them susceptible for more bacteria throughout the day. Make certain kids are brushing their teeth every morning before going off to school. We also recommend buying disposable toothbrushes so that kids can quickly brush after lunch.

Our kids dentists also recommend drinking plenty of water throughout the day. Drinking water helps wash away food particles so that they don’t become plaque and create cavities. Water also helps remove the possibility of teeth stains from sodas and other colored drinks.

Schedule your child’s pediatric dental appointment, especially if it has been more than six months since the last one. Dental cleanings should be performed every six months so that our kids dentist can ensure your child’s teeth are healthy and devoid of dental caries.

Healthy teeth and gums help kids focus better at school. Kids who have cavities have a hard time concentrating on their schoolwork because of pain and discomfort. At Signature Smiles, we highly recommend getting these cavities corrected immediately so they don’t cause more problems.


Contact our office today and schedule your child’s dental appointment. Keeping your child’s oral health in great shape is a wonderful way to help them remain focused on school and make better grades. Kids shouldn’t be worried about their teeth. So make sure they’re brushing twice every day and flossing once per day. After that, we look forward to keeping an eye on their teeth every six months.

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