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Get a Teeth Whitening Procedure for the Summer

People are getting ready for the summer by preparing vacations, working out for the beach, and bracing for the hot weather. One more thing that should be done is getting a teeth whitening procedure.

At Signature Smiles, we offer every type of teeth whitening procedure to provide all of our patients with beautiful and gleaming smiles. Patients, who have teeth that are discolored, can schedule a teeth whitening procedure at our office. There are multiple reasons for patients to request a teeth whitening procedure, and those reasons commonly are due to food and beverage consumption, and also smoking.


The traditional method of a teeth whitening procedure is by coming into the office and having our dental staff create customized trays. These trays are created according to your teeth so that every section and crevice of teeth is covered. Each patient is provided teeth whitening bleaching substances to be placed in the trays. The patient places the trays in place and wears them for approximately 30-45 minutes each session. The trays can be worn every day or every other day, depending on how sensitive teeth are.

We have an in-office teeth whitening treatment option. Patients can schedule to visit our office three separate times for approximately 45 minutes each. This is the quickest method to whitening teeth.

The least expensive way to whiten teeth is to purchase teeth whitening toothpaste. This requires consistent use and ensuring that dark drinks are not consumed or are rarely consumed. This option also takes the longest.


If you want a beautiful and white smile for the upcoming summer months and beyond, then schedule your teeth whitening procedure soon. Our dentists are here to put confidence back in your smile.

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