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Did You Know Your Amount of Teeth Can Help You Mentally?

We all know that having all of our teeth helps ensure our facial structure remains intact. Whenever a person loses their teeth due to old age or tooth decay, they jaw closes in, creating a collapsed look in the face. This may be rather obvious to most of us, but what may not be obvious is the mental effects missing teeth can have on a person.

According to a study published by the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, the connection between mental and physical functionality and substantial missing teeth is alarming. Researchers examined a study conducted by the Japan Gerontological Evaluation Study (JAGES) project, which covered a very large group of people 65 years old and older.

Each person was sent a questionnaire regarding how many teeth were missing and connecting that information to their medical and mental health history, how many falls they had experienced, body weight, if they drank or smoked, and how well they could perform typical daily activities. From this thorough examination, they found a significant correlation between those who had suffered immense tooth loss and those who struggled with daily activities.

The team of researchers concluded that the best method to ensuring better physical and mental health is to protect their teeth through consistent oral maintenance and proper dental care.

At Signature Smiles, we couldn’t agree more with the suggestion. We understand how important having all of your teeth is to a person’s physical attributes. We also know that having all of your teeth greatly assists with a healthy lifestyle. For this reason, we encourage children to take care of their teeth especially while they’re young. This will help ensure their teeth remain strong and durable. If they start strong, then they will most likely end strong.


Whether you know it or not, you may be in need of a dental checkup. We suggest that you schedule an appointment for a dental cleaning in order to receive a thorough cleaning and evaluation of the health of your teeth. Catching problems, like cavities and slight gum disease, could save you greatly in the long run by combatting potential issues, like missing teeth.

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