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No Silver Crowns for My Baby

If your child suffers from extensive cavities where the cavity has reached deep into the tooth, then a dental filling will not be enough to protect the tooth. This is when a dental crown becomes necessary. In the past, the stainless steel or silver crown has been the most popular option. But these silver-colored crowns are highly visible, which can cause a child to be very self-conscious of their smile. Kinder Krowns, which are tooth-colored, have become the best option for children’s dental crowns because they allow a child to continue smiling without hesitation. At Signature Smiles, our pediatric dentists offer tooth-colored and stainless steel crowns because in some instances insurance plans limit a patient to the silver alternative.

The pediatric dentist is so so patient with him and fixed him up under sedation and without any silver crowns. I used to work next door and our customers raved about them.

Denise M.

Three Primary Reasons to Use Kinder Krowns® for Baby Teeth Cavities:

1. Self-Esteem: Your child is still in the developmental phase concerning every part of their life, so ensuring they have a great self-esteem is extremely important. Your child should never feel self-conscious about their appearance. Kinder Krowns® is able to provide your child with a beautiful and healthy smile.

2. A Good Start: A child’s baby teeth do not fall out all at once. Adult teeth grow in over the course of several years. The front teeth are the first to go when a child is about 6 or 7 years old, while the baby molars remain until the child reaches approximately 12 years old. Keeping your child’s teeth healthy and functional will keep them on the right path for when their adult teeth come in. Kinder Krowns® help stave off cavities and infections so your child can enjoy smiling and eating normally.

3. The Best Crown: Baby teeth help guide permanent teeth and retain space to reduce the need for braces and prevent speech problems. At Signature Smiles, we prefer Kinder Krowns® because of their natural appearance and comfortable fit. They are also 100% biocompatible and metal free. Kinder Krowns® are made of Zirconia, which is an extremely durable substance that has been used in the medical field for over 40 years.

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