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Why Babies Need Dental Exams Too

Starting babies on the right foot with their teeth will help ensure their oral health remains in good standing. At Signature Smiles, we encourage parents to bring their child to the pediatric dentist before they turn 3 years old. Our children’s dentists conduct oral checkups we call “Happy Visits” in order to promote good healthy oral habits for the long term. During these dental exams for babies, we take the time to answer any questions the parents may have regarding their baby’s dental health. We address concerns like when to start brushing their teeth, using toothpaste and a toothbrush, when to discontinue the use of bottles, and when to start flossing.

When Should Your Baby Receive Their First Oral Exam?

Babies should get their first dental exam at 6 months old or after the first tooth comes in. The reason we recommend a baby receive a dental exam so early is because we want to make sure the teeth are growing in correctly and that there are no problems or potential problems. If there are problems that we notice, we can correct them or prepare the parents for how to adjust to the problem.

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Dental Cleanings for Babies

If necessary, the pediatric dentist may recommend a dental cleaning for your baby. The pediatric dentist or dental hygienist will clean the baby’s teeth and may use fluoride during the process. Our pediatric dentist or hygienist will explain how the dental cleaning will work and why fluoride is used. We will also answer any and all questions before proceeding.

When it comes to cost, most insurance plans cover a baby’s first visit.

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