Dental Exam for Kids

Protecting Your Child's Teeth Through Oral Exams

Protecting Your Child's Teeth Through Oral Exams

Signature Smiles provides dental exams and free X-rays for children. Our kid-friendly dental office utilizes the latest in digital X-ray scanning technology, which significantly increases the accuracy of our pediatric dentist’s diagnosis of your child's oral examination.

During an oral examination, our pediatric dentists always use radiographs during examinations to help determine the presence of decay in the spaces between children's teeth. The combination of visual oral examination and radiographic evaluation gives our pediatric dentist the most comprehensive findings. The dental exam will allow the pediatric dentist to evaluate a kid’s level of emotional maturity and ability to receive treatment with or without sedation or whether they need to be referred to a specialist.

Treating children is quite different than treating adults. Children have a shorter attention span and can become more apprehensive of a situation, like a dental procedure. We try to conduct our examinations in a fun manner by allowing kids to watch TV shows or by being very interactive with the children.

Educating a Child on Their Dental Exam

During a kid's dental procedure, even during a simple oral exam, our Houston pediatric dentists explain the steps of the dental process to the child and the parent. We believe that giving them an explanation and ensuring them that they won't feel any pain during an exams helps set their minds at ease.

Furthermore, using simplified terminology for a child helps them understand what is going on. We also utilize the method of positive reinforcement. We reaffirm the child on how well they are doing during a procedure. This technique helps a child remain focused on doing a "good job" for the dentist and their parent.

Keeping a child focused and calm during an oral exam ensures we are able to find any problem within a child's mouth. Locating oral issues, such as cavities or gum disease, is the purpose behind these dental exams. This helps us keep major dental issues from arising, like the need for dental crowns or tooth extractions.