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Why Are Teeth Cleanings Important For Adults?

As a kid, it was easy to get to the dentist twice a year for semi-annual teeth cleanings. Usually, your parents would take you, and sometimes you even got to leave school early. As an adult, however, getting a professional cleaning can feel like a chore. If you have let your professional cleaning schedule fall by the wayside, you may be putting yourself at risk for periodontal disease, also known as tooth and gum disease. This unpleasant disease is linked to all sorts of other diseases like diabetes and heart disease. Periodontal disease is being continually studied, but one thing is known for sure. Excellent oral hygiene, including your semi-annual deep cleaning, is the best way to avoid periodontal disease.

Why Professional Deep Cleanings Matter

Even if you practice perfect oral hygiene at home, everyone can benefit from a semi-annual deep cleaning at our office. Our deep cleanings go in-depth in making sure all plaque, tartar, and buildup are removed. Many times, it is difficult to remove every little thing that can get into and on your teeth at home. This is why semi-annual cleaning are so important. These cleanings are also a great way for our dentists to monitor how healthy your teeth are. If you are having issues with your at home routine, our dentists can also recommend specific products and techniques that will make your routine more effective. Since oral health is a very individual process, we will work with you to find a routine that works for you.

Keep Your Teeth Healthy, Schedule An Appointment Today

If you want to prevent tooth and gum disease in your adult teeth, the best place to start is with a deep cleaning at Signature Smiles. Our expert team of dentists and hygienists look forward to providing you with a healthy, beautiful smile for years to come.

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