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When You Should Receive a Dental Crown

Dental crowns have become one of the most impactful methods to saving existing teeth and maintaining a healthy and original smile. At our Signature Smiles office, we work hard to ensure that all of your original teeth remain in your mouth for as long as possible. This is why we only use the latest in dental crown technology and materials for salvaging negatively affected teeth.

Our dental crowns are made of only the finest and strongest materials to ensure the longevity of the tooth cap. These materials are either composite resin or porcelain. Both are very strong and very durable. They both look very similar to real teeth, although porcelain does look a little more like actual teeth.

Porcelain is typically the dental crown material of choice because it looks a bit more like an actual tooth, with its coloring and feel. Porcelain is slightly stronger than composite resin as well. Porcelain dental crowns, however, are more expensive than composite resin dental crowns.


Although many problems with teeth can be fixed with dental fillings, there are several reasons why patients at our dental office require a dental crown. Here are some of those reasons:

Broken Tooth – This is very common, especially with molars. The stress that teeth endure quantifies over time and sometimes teeth simply breakdown under that continual pressure. When this happens, a part of the tooth breaks. This is different from chips. Small pieces of the tooth that chip off can be nullified by using dental fillings. But breaks, like chunks of the tooth, require a dental crown. Our dentists are able to thoroughly clean the tooth, remove any possible decay, and then place a dental crown over the existing tooth, making it seem as if there never was a problem.

Tooth Decay – Sometimes tooth decay happens. When a tooth becomes heavily decayed, there are several options, and these depend on what our general dentist considers the best course of action. A dental filling may work, if the decay isn’t too deep. If it is too deep, then a root canal may be necessary. If the tooth decay is expansive and the structure of the tooth has been compromised, then it will be necessary to use the dental cap. Sometimes a root canal and a dental crown are combined.


If you have structural damage in your teeth, then you may require a dental crown. Our general dentists and pediatric dentists recommend you schedule an appointment with our dental office immediately. We want to save your teeth, all of them, for as long as possible.

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