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Tooth Decay? Sometimes It’s Genetics

At Signature Smiles, we know that not every patient is the same. Each individual mouth is as unique as the person themselves. For this reason, our general dentists ensure to conduct thorough evaluations of every patient’s mouth to gauge the health of their teeth.

Most of the time, the diagnosis of any particular dental problems are relatively straightforward. There may be a lack of attention to teeth, which means the patient may not be brushing and flossing as thoroughly or consistently as they should. Some may have malocclusion, which enables food particles to become stuck behind or between teeth, causing cavities and periodontal disease. Then there are the rare exceptions when genetics are playing a role.


Each of us inherit certain hereditary characteristics from our parents and their bloodlines. Sometimes that affects our oral health. These problems can include weak teeth, gapped teeth, and problematic wisdom teeth. Another recent discovery has been the genetic defect of tooth enamel.

Tooth enamel is very important to teeth because it is a protective covering. This covering fights plaque and other bacteria from infiltrating into the teeth. Over time, however, this enamel begins to wear down.

The genetic defect of this oral property was discovered by researchers at the University of Zurich’s Centre of Dental Medicine and the Institute of Molecular Life Sciences after they discovered the gene complex that actually creates tooth enamel. The group has been studying the effects of mutations within the protein and the defects it creates on enamel.

According to the article in Medical News Today, the genetic discovery will greatly help improve our understanding of the production of tooth enamel. This discovery will enable researchers and the medical community to find methods to preventing these defects, or at least combatting them to help lessen their effect.

“New products that hinder the progress of tooth caries in the event of defective tooth enamel will enable us to improve the dental health of patients considerably,” said Thimios Mitsiadis, Professor of Oral Biology at the Center of Dental Medicine.


At Signature Smiles, we work hard to ensure we discover whatever problems may be hindering a patient’s teeth. To keep your teeth healthy as possible, be certain to schedule your bi-annual dental appointments. Protect your teeth today and schedule your dental appointment.

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