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Now Is the Best Time to Use Your Dental Insurance

We have a new year on our hands, which means dental insurances have been renewed. At Signature Smiles, we encourage all of our patients to schedule their bi-annual oral examination. This examination allows our dentists to conduct a thorough cleaning of the teeth and overall mouth.

This examination also allows our dentists to perform oral X-rays to see if there are any current or potential problems under the gums and within the bone structure of the jaw. During this examination, the dentist is able to check the teeth for cavities and the gums for gum disease.


Every year begins the start of a new dental health insurance cycle. This means that major issues you may have been dealing with last year, can be dealt with now. Many patients run out of dental coverage come year’s end. This means that those problems have to wait till the new year. Dental problems, like cavities, broken teeth, and periodontitis, should be corrected sooner rather than later, and we believe that now is the time.

Correcting dental issues early will ensure that those problems do not worsen over time. What may only need a dental filling due to a cavity, could turn into something much more serious like a root canal procedure due to the cavity going deeper into the root system.

Our Signature Smiles office accepts almost every PDP, DPPO, and PPO dental insurance plan. Our office also accepts Pediatric Medicaid.

If you or your child haven’t had a dental checkup or are in need of more serious dental procedure, then contact our Houston area. If you have any questions about your dental insurance and the coverage it provides, our dental staff is more than happy to answer those questions.

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