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Natural Looking Dental Fillings at Signature Smiles

Even if you come in for your semi-annual cleanings and are good at maintaining your oral hygiene routine at home, you can still be at risk of developing cavities. If you are a habitual snacker or sugar-lover, your teeth may be at extra risk for decay. If you have been told by one of our dentists that you have one or more cavities, you know what comes next. It is time for a dental filling. Many patients dread dental fillings, as the imagine them being unsightly marks on their teeth. However, this is no longer the case. At our dental office, you can get your cavities filled with an unnoticeable, natural-looking filling.

Restore Your Teeth With Natural-looking Fillings

Our dentists utilize a tooth-colored high grade composite resin. This composite resin allows the filling to blend in beautifully with the rest of your tooth, creating an unnoticeable filling that protects the tooth. After removing the decayed area of the tooth, the filling is used to fill the area that was removed, and helps protect the tooth from further damage. Our dental team does not utilize silver or mercury fillings, which were more common in the past, except in rare occasions where it is absolutely necessary.

Why Should I Get A Filling?

If your teeth are broken, misshapen, or decayed, a filling may be your best option for restoring your tooth. Fillings are often used when the issue is not as severe enough to justify a crown or an extraction. If left untreated, tooth decay can spread deeper into the tooth, compromising it completely and requiring more extensive treatment. If caught soon enough (just another reason to come in for your semi-annual cleanings) a filling can be a quick and easy fix.

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Whether you may be in need of a filling, or are looking to prevent cavities with a professional cleaning, we can help. Schedule an appointment with our team.

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