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Dr. Z – The Kid Dentist to Promote Pediatric Dental Care

Still wondering how much the dentists at Signature Smiles care about kids teeth? Our new campaign for kids dental health will launch this month. The campaign is called “Dr. Z – The Kid Dentist.” This campaign puts the focus on kids and how family-friendly Signature Smiles is.

You will be seeing a whole lot of Dr. Z in the near future in commercials and ads. Along with that, we invite you to ask Dr. Z dental questions and you might just be lucky enough to have your question answered on one of our videos.

Through the Dr. Z marketing campaign, we want to show kids just how important it is to keep their teeth clean and healthy. Dr. Z is definitely someone the kids can relate to because she’s a kid herself. But she’s also a dentist (sort of).


Our pediatric dentists can only do so much for kids. We can inform them of how to best take care of their teeth and we can perform cleanings and other dental procedures, but it comes down to parents keeping an eye on their kids and also the kids doing a good job keeping their teeth healthy. Brushing twice per day, flossing every day, and also rinsing are imperative to good oral health. In the coming months, Dr. Z will discuss things such as that.

We believe that Dr. Z will be a very positive influence on kids in the Houston area. She will be someone that kids can identify with and say, “Yeah. Taking care of your teeth is a cool thing to do.”

Our goal through the Dr. Z dental campaign is to help kids in the Houston area to take oral health seriously. If your child needs a pediatric dentist, then contact our dental office today and schedule your child’s appointment. We look forward to providing your child and the rest of your family with the best dental care available.

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