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Funny Dental Videos to Brighten Your Day

We searched high and low to find a couple of funny dental videos to make your day go a little smoother. Everyone needs a good laugh on a daily basis, so this post will surely do that. We went old school and new school, reaching back to nearly 50 years and then pulling one from not very long ago.

Whenever TV comedy shows introduce the idea of a dentist, it’s always going to be funny. Here are just a couple we found, along with some honorable mention commercials that utilize the dentist.

The Impractical Jokers come up with some of the most hilarious pranks. The twist is that they really play these pranks on themselves, willingly. In this video, the four guys (Joe, Murray, Sal, and Brian) act like dental assistants in an actual dental office with actual dental patients. Here’s what can happen when you don’t have a dental assistant that knows what they’re doing.


Milk does the body good. Remember that saying? Well, it’s also good for teeth, as made evident in this video for the dairy beverage. In Mootopia, no one needs the dentist because everyone’s teeth are perfectly healthy. Definitely not the case in the real world. But that’s why our pediatric and general dentists are here – to make your teeth perfectly healthy.

We have to admit this is pretty funny. Hopefully there aren’t any dentists in Houston who do this. If there are, then get out of that chair and come to our office in The Woodlands/Conroe.

If you’re looking for a great dentist, then contact our dental office today and schedule your appointment.

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