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Cakes and Cavities in the Workplace

If you’ve worked anywhere for any length of time, then you have most likely experienced the company birthday cake. Or you have the cubicle neighbor who loves to bake or loves to bring in snacks and offer them religiously to every passerby. Cake, cookies, candy, snacks. Are they such a detriment?

According to a BBC article, our friends to the very far east in the United Kingdom think these little edible merriments are part of the problem of obesity and oral health risks. Maybe they’re right. These sweets really only do a couple of things: go to the hips and stick in the teeth. Well, that’s from a physical sense.

One thing is for certain, these delectable bites also offer a time of business camaraderie and a little joy into the workplace. It brings co-workers together and can create long-lasting relationships between employees.

According to the article, this just isn’t enough, as the Faculty of Dental Surgery suggested there should be a cutback on the “cake culture” in the workplace.

At Signature Smiles, we are all about keeping teeth in great condition and maintaining great oral health. We know how important oral health is to overall health. But we also know that cakes, cookies and other treats are a big part of bringing those smiles to life.

Our Houston dentists are no strangers to sweets, but we all do our best to practice moderation in indulging in fatty and sugary foods. Snacks and unhealthy foods aren’t simply unhealthy for the body, but they are unhealthy for the mouth too by creating cavities and other oral issues.

But we must disagree that we should abandon cake culture. As Nancy Birtwhistle, winner of the 2014 Bake Off, said in the article, an occasional slice of cake isn’t the problem.

To all of our patients, we encourage them protect their teeth at every turn. Brush twice daily, floss and rinse daily, and schedule a dental checkup every six months. We also educate our patients about the risks of eating and drinking too many sugary products. There are ways to combat obesity and oral problems other than avoiding desserts. Exercise, healthy eating, and good consistent oral maintenance. So go enjoy that celebration slice of cake. Just be sure to brush thoroughly later.

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