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Bring Back That Beautiful Smile With Veneers

It is an obvious fact that not everyone has a beautiful and gleaming smile. Over time, teeth can become discolored because of food and drinks. The objective of veneers and cosmetic dentistry is to beautify the smile. Most of the patients who come into our dental office requesting veneers do so because they want to be more confident with their smile.

As dentists, we understand how large of a role a healthy looking smile plays in a person’s self confidence. It is our goal as dental professionals to provide every single patient with a wonderful smile and sense of pride they’ve never had before. A simple method to reaching this goal is by using veneers.


We have this discussion quite often, regarding composite resin or porcelain material. It isn’t always in regard to veneers, however. These types of materials are also used for dental crowns.

The most common type of veneer used is the porcelain veneer. This type is chosen for several reasons. Porcelain veneers are more durable and long-lasting, so they won’t break or chip unless under extreme stress. They also appear more like actual teeth with their color and texture. Along with that appearance, they won’t stain, which is the primary reason why patients receive veneers in the first place. These types of veneers are simply placed on top of the existing tooth and bonded securely.

Composite resin, however, is very strong as well, just not as strong. These veneers may chip, but there would also require heavy stress. They do look a lot like actual teeth, but less so in comparison to porcelain. The existing teeth actually have to be shaved down by the thinnest of margins and then layered with the composite resin. Unfortunately, resin will stain due to coffee, wine, fruits, or other foods and drinks. In comparison to the porcelain veneers, however, the composite resin veneers are less expensive.


If you are not satisfied with your smile, but still have healthy teeth, then you may want to consider receiving veneers. Our Signature Smiles dental office provides porcelain veneers and composite resin veneers. Contact our office today and schedule your dental appointment to achieve that beautiful smile again.

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