Tooth Extraction

Painlessly Removing Teeth

What Is a Tooth Extraction?

A tooth extraction is the forcible removal of teeth. At Signature Smiles, we ensure that a tooth extraction is painless procedure. Our Houston dentists do this by numbing the area where the tooth is located. Once the tooth has been removed, we provide the proper pain medicine to ensure the patient does not experience any pain while the wound heals. Dr. Calvin Jung provides every patient with precise information on for post-operative care to make certain the area heals properly and quickly.


Reasons for Receiving a Tooth Extraction

There are various reasons for receiving a tooth extraction. Before having a tooth pulled, our Houston dentist will conduct a thorough examination of the tooth and affected area to decide if a tooth extraction is necessary. Here are just a few of the more common reasons why teeth are extracted:


  • Wisdom Teeth - This is the most common reason for a tooth to be extracted. Wisdom teeth are the very last molars on all four corners of the jawlines. Typically, these teeth become a problem because they are difficult to reach, therefore creating cavities. Also, they tend to grow out of line with the other teeth or grow too high and cause issues with chewing and talking.
  • Tooth Decay - If a tooth has severe cavities and suffers from extreme tooth decay, then it is best to have this tooth removed and replaced with a dental implant. Our dentist would examine the tooth before making such a decision in order to possibly save the tooth.
  • Braces - Sometimes teeth are compacted or a patient has a tooth that is severely out of position. Removing teeth like this is often necessary to place braces on the teeth. For this issue, the patient is usually a teenager or younger.
  • Once a tooth has been extracted, unless it is a wisdom tooth, it is unwise to leave a gap. The unfilled space in the patient's teeth could cause a shift in the remaining teeth and possibly cause more problems.


Do You Need a Tooth Extraction?

If you are experiencing a lot of pain in a certain tooth, there may be extreme tooth decay. This doesn't necessarily mean that the tooth should be removed, as it may be saved with a root canal or a dental crown. Also, if you notice a lot of swelling and pressure from your wisdom teeth, then this may be a sign to have them removed.

As always, our dentists in the Heights/Garden Oaks area, The Woodlands/Conroe and Humble areas will conduct a dental exam and decide what is the best course of action. If you are experiencing any of these problems, then contact our office today.