Paola Prieto
Paola PrietoManager Garden Oaks/Heights

Paola Prieto has been working in the field of dentistry since 2010 with her first dental job being in an orthodontist’s office. When she arrived at Signature Smiles in 2014—it’s first year, we knew she was going to become one of our bright and shining employees. She quickly moved up the ladder at The Heights and Garden Oaks dental office location, starting as a receptionist, then moving to biller for Medicaid, and finally becoming the office manager of the same location.

Paola says that her favorite part about working with Signature Smiles is the people. She says she loves to work with all the other veteran staff members who have created the family environment from its beginning. She feels that Signature Smiles is really just a big family and that everyone can count on each other for anything.

When she isn’t managing the Garden Oaks Signature Smiles location, she enjoys spending time with her Signature Smiles family after work. She loves taking her daughter to her cheerleading practice. She says that watching her daughter succeed makes her feel like a great mom. She also enjoys shopping, eating out, watching movies, and spending time with her friends and family.

Paola is married and has two daughters.