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When Dr. Terry Lee and Dr. Kevin Yeh founded Signature Smiles, they wanted to incorporate a Christian foundation into the practice’s values system. That’s why from the beginning Signature Smiles has been all about a faith-based approach that allows us to give back to the community of which we are a part.

We’re pleased to welcome people of all faiths into our practice—our team members are from other faiths too. We’re proud of our diversity, and we feel that it allows us to connect with all of our patients, whatever their faith or their cultural background.

Signature Smiles believes strongly in showing God’s love and compassion through stewardship and prayer, and time spent in both the local community and the world at large. From the very beginning, Signature Smiles has believed in “giving our first 10%” back to the community. We donate to several schools and churches, as well as medical foundations and community teams, and we’re committed to continuing with this philosophy.

Signature Smiles Sponsorship and Fundraising

We sponsor a number of schools, including being a platinum sponsor of the Garden Oaks and Oak Forest elementary school, and sponsorship of Reagan High School and Waltrip High School sports teams. We also give to Herrera Elementary, Frank Black Middle School, St. Rose of Lima, St. Anne’s, and The Gateway Academy. Signature Smiles and Dr. Lee sponsor a Christian school in Bolivia.

Dr. Yeh and Dr. Lee are both triathletes, and Signature Smiles has sponsored both the Houston Triathlon and the Strider’s Houston Half Marathon. We also sponsor several Timbergrove baseball teams.

Signature Smiles has been involved with various fundraising efforts, too. We feel strongly about investing in our children, and so we recently joined forces with the Frozen princesses Anna and Elsa to raise more than $3,500 for juvenile diabetes research. Special thanks also goes to the wonderful generosity of our patients and their families.

Future Goals

We don’t plan to limit our efforts to the Houston area. Eventually we’d like to be able to make a positive impact elsewhere in the world too. Our goal is to build numerous dental offices to support a skilled and dedicated team of dental assistants and hygienists. We’ll then rotate individual staff members to hospitals in other countries, in locations where people don’t have access to modern dental services.

Dr. Lee and Dr. Yeh have both participated in mission trips to several countries, including Uganda, Rwanda, Sudan, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic, and we believe these experiences put Signature Smiles in a great position to use our skills and resources to help many more people.

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